Ghost in the Shell and a White Kusanagi: Talking Points

I have been a fan of Ghost in the Shell since my early teens, and the TV series Stand Alone Complex is easily one of the greatest anime series of all time. That being said, I’m not sure if this property could translate well into an American, live action movie, but that’s not what has the world worried right now. No, as is typically the case, the internet is obsessed with a racial issue. This time, the issue is actress Scarlett Johansson playing the roll of Major Motoko Kusanagi. Toady let’s have a not so civil discussion on the matter.

Anime Analysis – Eden of the East (Commentary)

I’m reuploading this video due to a complicated copyright mess involving a group of heinous European corporate minions calling themselves Melberries, who slapped a total of five copyright claims on the original video and are refusing to acknowledge my claims of fair use. Their idea is that because they’re situated in Europe, where American copyright law doesn’t hold jurisdiction, they can steal money from whoever they want, despite the fact that pretty much every country in Europe has exceptions to copyright where criticism is involved, even if it’s not explicitly called fair use. So, rather than fighting off all these claims individually (which I have to do now thanks to Youtube changing their rules about people being able fight off multiple claims on a single video), I’m just going to delete the original video, change the intro up a bit, and reupload it here.

Youtube’s copyright system is broken and rampantly abused. People need to continue making more and more of an uproar if this issue is ever going to be fixed. #WTFU

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